Capterra does not approve the reviews that have been previously published online. Why am I receiving emails from Capterra after submitting a review? Countries outside of the US, such as the UK, France, Italy, and Germany, also have strict laws posted about reviews fraud, as dictated by the EU Unfair Commercial Practices Directive. May I leave a review for a product based off of a demo I viewed? Still not sure about E-Gift Card … Vantagens: The E-Gift Card Rewards and Incentives by Tango Card is the best service for organizations and their clients to move on digital rewards and shopping. Ina few days, you'll recieve an email telling you you can review up to 10 more for $10 each -- every month. Sensitive information may include, but is not limited to: In such cases the text [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] will be displayed in place of the original text. What now? Leggi gratuitamente le ultime recensioni su E-Gift Card Rewards and Incentives scritte da utenti reali e verificati. ... Acquire new customers, improve loyalty and generate more revenue with a simple yet powerful solution. Our site strives to maintain a neutral stance on reviews, disabling only those that fail to meet our Community Guidelines. However, a viewed demo is not treated the same as evaluating a product during a free trial period. Edits may also be made to hide sensitive data (as further described here), such as personally identifying information, or private contract terms that are not intended for public disclosure. This is bias at its best! Lees recente beoordelingen over E-Gift Card Rewards and Incentives geschreven door geverifieerde gebruikers. Why was my review flagged for investigation? I left a review but didn’t receive a gift card! Users who submit a review on our site agree to opt-in to future communications from us as outlined in our site terms. 2. Where will the content of my review display to the public? So we struck a deal with Capterra: Depending on how many of you want to write a review, up to 100 users will get a 20$ Amazon gift card as a thank you. The updated review will then be re-evaluated by our QA team. A Buyer Alert is a banner placed at the top of a vendor's product profile page, informing software shoppers that suspicious behavior has been found to be associated with this vendor, which behavior (i) may be causing doubt as to the veracity of the reviews submitted about the vendor's services, or (ii) may be manifesting in other deceitful activity across our site. If you submitted a review in response to an incentive offer from our site, you may find more information about eligibility and incentive distribution in our Incentive Program FAQ. If it has been more than two (2) weeks since your submission, you may assume that either our QA teams were either unable to validate your identity or your review did not meet our criteria for publication. Customer loyalty platform for medium and large-sized enterprises which helps with gift card distribution, rewards management, and omnichannel engagement. "Gift Card" Comentarios: Poder cobrar dinero que luego transformo en ganancia para mi persona o mi compañía . Where can I find more information about review incentives? Please review our site terms for further details. Pros: tango card is a very easy to use E-gift card reward program. If a review contains sensitive information, we will hide this information from public display. How often can I update or edit my review? And they paid by redeemable gift card or visa card. The request must be sent from the email address used to submit the original review, as only the actual reviewer is entitled to direct us to remove their review. They also often give you referral codes … I also received emails from them to the effect that if I provide positive reviews, I could receive a gift card … We understand that you may not agree with our decision, but please know much consideration is given before flagging and closing any user’s account. Every review submitted to our site is manually evaluated by our Quality Assurance team to ensure published reviews meet our site guidelines. If you are looking to edit an existing review, please read more How can I edit or remove my own review?. However, we may make simple edits to correct typos or remove non-standard characters. For those reviewers who submitted a review as part of an incentive program, please keep a few key points in mind: In all cases, please double check your Spam and Trash accounts for our gift card offers before reaching out to our support team. Prior to issuing a "Buyer Alert", our Teams will take corrective action to remove any content that violates our Site guidelines. Learn the software price, see the description, and read the most helpful reviews for UK business users. Gift card codes are unique, and may only be used only by those who have access to the email the cards were originally sent to. Once we disable an existing review, a reviewer always has the option to submit a new review for the product for evaluation by our QA team. Who Uses CashStar eGift Cards? Please note that reviews submitted within a six (6) month window for the same product are regarded as edits, and are not eligible for any incentive offer the reviewer may have received. The Compliance team is tasked with upholding our guidelines, and will investigate the review status to ensure that the appropriate decision was reached. Capterra pays you with gift cards and you have the freedom to choose the type of gift card you want. Capterra has an email-only activated program that rewards you $10 per … Josue Deras 08/16/18 I just wrote a software review on Capterra to help other business users evaluate software products and I would like you to do the same. In short, possibly. Users may submit another review that meets our guidelines. Customer Relationship Management Software. NOTE: To protect the integrity of our reviews program, reviews are disabled if we do not feel confident we have verified the identity of the reviewer. The process is easy, the results are fast and off you go. In 2009, a case was settled by New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo in which a company posting fake reviews agreed to pay a $300,000 penalty. How many reviews for a product are allowed per reviewer? Software buyers may evaluate multiple tools before purchasing software. Only published reviews are eligible for an incentive. You may request a minor edit to an existing review, or submit a new review to replace an existing review, at any time (see How can I edit or remove my own review?). Any signs of reviews fraud result in the review being disabled. Proof - email from Capterra with gift card for notice the gift card last 4 digits (3UGR) Image of my Amazon account, notice the redeemed gift card with the same last 4 … In addition, many jurisdictions in and outside of the United States take reviews content very seriously, and have prosecuted reviewers over posting fraudulent content. When submitting a review, you are agreeing to our site guidelines, and that all content submitted meets our guidelines. You can’t … Gift cards are automatically fulfilled by our system at set times. With the help of Capterra, learn about E-Gift Card Rewards and Incentives, its features, pricing information, popular comparisons to other Customer Loyalty products and more. If it has been less than six (6) months since the review was originally submitted, please notify our team of the submission at to ensure our team treats the review appropriately. Web-based solution that provides mobile gifting through gift card system, loyalty cards… 3. May I leave a review for a product based off of a free trial? Audits are conducted across our entire reviews database, and impact all reviewers equally.
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