You can read more here: How about Rainbow Light Just Once Men’s One Multivitamin for my 39 years old husband and Rainbow Light Nutri Stars Food-Based Multivitamin for my 7 years old girl and 2 years old son? He has taken (long-term) Plavix, lo dose aspirin, metformin, and cozaar, and others. Thanks so much for your hard work, and for sharing your knowledge on nutrition! I will be adding them to this article soon. MegaFood Multi for Men 55+ (No Vitamin K ) and MegaFood Multi for Women 55+ (No Vitamin K). This multivitamin includes B vitamins and zinc so as to offer heart and brain support. 2. Life Extension, Super K With Advanced K2 Complex. Thank you for any suggestions you can give. I have also found some clients to be sensitive to citrate forms, and this formula does not contain any. What about Natures Way – Alive! Hi Alex, I have one more question. Uses the correct dosage of vitamin E in the mixed tocopherol form, not dl-alpha tocopherol or isolated alpha-tocopherol In this case, the focus should be on enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics for healthy digestion and absorption. I would appreciate your opinion. Also, the lutein and zeaxanthin addition help your eyes. I’m glad the research has been useful and I’m sorry to hear about your mom. overweight for around 20+ years but otherwise very healthy. And it makes sense!! This is a brand name? I’m glad to hear you are doing well with your dietary changes. Not to worry, there is always a solution. If you are below 25ng/ml, that is deficient. For the four a day, iodine is still low, they are getting a little carried away with B-vitamin levels, and there really isn’t much more of a benefit beyond the addition of K2. At times she can become emotional and loses that get up and go drive that she is known for. I read somewhere that colon cancer could result in nerve issues. One study in mice concluded that flaxseed inhibited the growth of human estrogen-dependent breast cancer. Hello — thanks for the great info. Hoping to have some new articles coming up soon. Although everyone has different health needs, there are certain nutrients, like vitamin B12 and vitamin D, that are among the best vitamins for seniors. This was another one of my experiments! Thanks. Hi Alex, 1,000IU of vitamin D Thx you so much for your time! 5. Something that may help is collagen protein. What is the status? If not, why? 1. By simply dropping the smoking and margarine habit alone from the previous generation, they dropped the risk of cardiovascular disease considerably. The second product is a better formulation. Sometimes you can begin to develop allergies to foods with leaky gut syndrome, especially if you eat a lot of foods that irritate your gut lining. This is one of the best multivitamins for men because it is diverse in the nutrients available using food blends and B vitamins so as to help in the conversion of food to energy. The best multivitamin for a senior male contains vitamins B12 and D. But it will be low in vitamins A, B6 and E, which shouldn't be consumed in excess. I spoke with the founder and was very impressed with their research. Wow, yes it is absolutely too high with a 2 capsule dose. For example, this multivitamin contains four forms of tocopherol vitamin E, an antioxidant that can boost vision, brain, skin and reproductive health. probiotic seems to be helping. NOW Adam Superior Men’s Multi↓       5. If four capsules are used, calcium and magnesium levels should be higher like the Naturelo product closer to a 1:1 ratio. My mum visited some practitioners before, but not much improvement could be seen. Here is a recent study that came out exploring this approach. Thank you! What many people don’t realize, is that it is often from a deficiency in magnesium, vitamin C, fiber and probiotics. This product also uses magnesium oxide, of which only 4% is absorbed. That is why I like calcium/magnesium products that only have those two ingredients. I am taking three liquid supplements: a liquid multivitamin, a liquid D3, and a liquid B complex with B12. New Chapter isn’t a company I’m impressed with due to their use of feeding synthetics to yeast and claiming superior absorption without any clinical, peer-reviewed evidence. Different vitamins available on the market happen to be more superior because of the content, the quality, and the bioavailability. The rsID numbers like “rs6265” are how the genes are identified. I designed Nutrition Genome to figure out the best way to approach cases like your mom. They are conducting double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials. You can choose either a multivitamin or a multimineral based on your needs. You also need probiotics, fish oil, vitamin A, and antioxidants. Zinc is only 6.5mg. I was thinking of trying pure encapsulation nutrients 950 with vitamin k. Thank you! Read more about magnesium in my article here. Could you say something of pros and cons to this strategy? What I haven seen work for arthritis is a combination of collagen powder, vitamin C, and glucosamine. I HAVE READ SEVERAL OTHER PEOPLE’S ARTICLE’S BUT I FIND YOURS VERY THOROUGH, WITH GREAT EXPLANATIONS. 2. Every ingredient used can be traced to its origin, meaning that it is a healthy treat and it is safe. Less than 8.00 for a one month supply! Ashwagandha Liquid Tincture or Ashwagandha Capsules. The poor form of B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), folate (folic acid) and B12 (cyanocobalamin) are also used. Yes, that is an unfortunate group of foods for allergies. I really wish you the best. I have searched the web for a long time and feel your site is the best I have come across. As for NSF, you always want to see physical proof of the document. They block the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, the one that requires choline. I still have osteopenia, and the surgery saved me from being in a wheelchair. She is on liquid diet. I am 67 years old. Share on Facebook. I have just ordered the Thorne multi vitamin supplement on a 30 day (2 bottle) delivery plan for my husband and I. I. Here is the product: blessings, I do wish they would remove the 5mg of iron. I live in the UK . And I would like to switch to an organic plant-based protein powder. Research found that it could markedly inhibit the growth of ER positive and ER negative breast cancer cells by about 99%. The thirst mechanism changes as we age, making it that much more important to be cognizant of drinking enough water. ABOUT 25 YEAR’S AGE I HAD A COPY OF “EARL MINDELL’S” – VITAMIN AND MINERAL BOOK;IT GAVE GREAT ADVISE ON VARIOUS VITAMINS AND MINERALS FOR DIFFERENT TYPES OF PEOPLE (GRAVE-YARD SHIP WORKER’S,DESK WORKER’S,ATHLETES,COCAINE WITHDRAWL,ALCOHOLICS,ETC…). A majority of studies show the most benefit above 500mg. On the face of it such a testing company would be very welcome if it could prove it’s impartiality and veracity. They will do a test this afternoon to confirm if it can be done, but now that she is hospitalized and done some other exams found an enlarged heart and some colon problems, she has not been eating much lately so she is declining fast, we wanted to get some multivitamin that will help her. This vitamin and mineral supplement is not all-natural or whole food-based. I also have high BP and am taking 5mg Amlodipine Besylate per day. There is some research that high doses of B6 and biotin can be problematic. Thank you. Lutein and zeaxanthin It helps to support the eyes, the brain, and the heart. This is done by filling all the nutritional gaps that could be present in the body. -CitraminII by Thorne research. Hi Alex, thanks for the excellent article. Appreciate much! My wife is with a shunt for hydrocephalus. Best whole food vitamins are the ones that are extracted from real foods in the natural state. Canadian researchers using big data revealed that a decline in the brain’s blood flow is the earliest symptom of Alzheimer’s. Probiotic VSL #3,, Thank you for your quick response. She is also in early stages of osteoporosis and has high blood pressure. We do not sell our own supplements. He isn’t taking any vitamin or supplement now and I think that might help him feel better. Saturated fat should be lower (I would avoid dairy fat). This is a multivitamin created especially for women and it has antioxidants to support skin and bone health. These appear to be whole foods based and free of additives and appropriate types of B’s etc. His doctor suggested a multivitamin plus Ferrol Sequel for additional iron. and Vitamin C supplements in capsule and soft gel forms. This is the easiest way to meet all your daily needs with the multivitamin. She also has gained a lot of wait, and she is on oxygen 24/7. Eventually, he was able to tolerate duck eggs, sourdough bread (but not any other wheat) and he still avoids sugar. I would be very grateful for your advice! How does this compare? Do you have any online retailers in the Philippines (or nearby) where I can see a list of what they carry? She sounds like an incredible woman. They can destroy the cells that are healthy causing the cells to age faster. The muscle pain goes away when a statin is discontinued. Naturelo isn’t one I would recommend for most seniors because they need a stronger formula. Thank you. Since reaching Medicare age the docs are always pushing drugs on us. Could you please give us some advice? Take a look at the Life Extension Mix Powder, which does not have iron. I’m not aware of any coagulation properties of Lion’s Mane. A study concluded that elder people with poor diets, especially with low antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, are more prone to developing macular degeneration and benefit from supplementation. So in your opinion I shouldn’t go with plant based omegas, stick with fish oil? Crestor is going to deplete CoQ10, K2, and selenium. I didn’t mention this, but it may be crucial – my mom’s vegetarian. The multivitamin is made with women in mind and for this reason, it has B complex vitamins, vitamin E, D3, C, and A to ensure that all nutritional needs that women have are met adequately. To optimize melatonin production nutritionally, you need to look at the dopamine/adrenaline pathway (vitamin C and magnesium), the serotonin and melatonin pathway (B2, folate, B6 and B12), and glutamate/GABA pathway (probiotics, vitamin C, zinc, B6, magnesium, choline) to see where biochemical issues may need to be addressed. My deduction therefore, is that it’s the carb reduction/cell inflammation more than weight since I know I didn’t gain the weight back that I lost in only 2 weeks! Vitamin C dosages will depend on numerous factors, which I outline in that linked article. She hates taking pills as it is, so I hate to introduce more if it won’t help. ~Arkadi. Significant interactions were observed in women between anticholinergic use and age, apolipoprotein E, or hormone replacement therapy. I will appreciate your advise, – B12 and biotin are excessively high, even for this formula No need to log in anywhere. I wouldn’t recommend this product for you due to the use of synthetic folic acid instead of methylfolate. I would ask your doctor first if this is the right fit with his medications. SO WHAT: VITAMINS, MINERALS, HERBS WOULD YOU SUGGEST TO A 57 YEAR OLD WOMEN (THINK OF ME AS YOUR SISTER 😊 WHO EXCERSIES REGUERLY, EAT’S CLEAN NON-GMO FOOD (AS BEST AS POSSIBLE),AND HAS NO OTHER MEDICAL CONDITION’S(I DO HAVE OPTIC NEURITIS IN MY LEFT EYE.ANNUALLY MONITORED BY MY DOCTOR-NO CRITERIA FOR M.S.)? She is 72. Thank you. If you have products you would like me to review, send the links here and I will take a look. Also, I am taking Co-Q10 (Jarrow Formulas). It is laced with antioxidants which are good for protecting cells and acts as a stress defense. Hi Alex, I just wanted to say that I googled multivitamins for 60+ and love your info and explanations. Alex, I am 65 and have osteopenia and quit taking prescription bone enhancement meds several years ago due to articles I read. That is very expensive and a tough call if that is your only option. If you have any particular products you would like me to review, I would be happy to do it. Contains 15mg of zinc This formula is a blend of organic whole foods, USP vitamin and mineral-fed yeast and synthesized nutrients. The Naturelo multivitamin is an excellent product. With the vitamin E, zinc, and selenium, all areas that are important in a man’s body are addressed. Now there was indeed an NSF stamp on the top label. B- vitamins lower homocysteine, which directly leads to a decrease in gray matter atrophy, thereby slowing cognitive decline. I am TT or homozygous for bdnf – RS 6265. Found the article very helpful. I wrote an article on the best and worst prenatal vitamins here: not sure if i will ever buy Thorne again. That product can be found on this article. Rheumatologist took around 3/4 to 1 cup of fluid out of knee, gave me 3 injections of Hyaluronic acid. that don’t contain excipients usually opt for Terra Nova because according to the manufacturer they don’t contain any fillers or binders,but a new one ,at MRM Veggie Elite Performance Protein: This product seems fine. You especially want to make sure you are getting enough electrolytes with your water. I am looking for one that is organic, grown and made in the USA. That includes copious amounts of B12 to help boost energy and enhance memory. It comes with no fillers or binders. -Reservatrol, Multivitamins: Centrum uses the oxide form of magnesium, which only 4% is absorbed. Thanks anyways for all you do. Thanks! I really like your kyak picture. 3. I WANT TO LIVE AND BE AS PRODUCTIVE AS POSSIBLE EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE. I would like to have your advice for my mum’s health condition. In regards to fermented vitamin supplements, it really depends on the product. So, any advice or suggestions? Thank you for your article. Regarding a liquid multivitamin, the first option on this list is a powder that you mix in liquid. B12 supplementation is also superior for absorption over food for those with low stomach acid. B12 deficiency is even more pronounced in those with digestive disorders, gene variants in FUT2 and GIF, or those taking medications like proton pump inhibitors and Metformin. 1. Alex, My father has untreatable stomach cancer and is trying to naturally remain as comfortable and healthy as possible via diet, however seems to be having more bad days then good lately. we don’t have the mentioned brands here and would like to put together a correct vitamin supplement regime for him and cant find any recommendations on amounts over 70. The tricky part is combining the calcium/magnesium product with a multivitamin so you don’t get unnecessarily high amounts of certain nutrients. When you understand just how important nutrients are in an aging body, then you will definitely strive to find a multivitamin that ensures you reach your daily requirement. It was easy to figure out because he would get a rash on his forehead each time he ate them. Here is some more input that I hope helps you and also myself in the process. They are also one of the high-quality supplement … Hypothyroid: Adrenal support if stress-induced. One study found that centenarians (those living over 100) have higher total body magnesium and lower calcium levels than most elderly people. This is a cherry flavored powdered multivitamin with a stronger formulation that can easily be adjusted if needed. For-Straight forward, factual, here is my first comment on everything listed here, and a good multivitamin side. Not need extra vitamin D Drops would be happy to do with how i feel, but i YOURS! The Basic nutrients 2 a day 50+ clients with joint pain end of Alzheimer ’ s choline. Parallel bar dips opposed to the default network be seen daily amount an appropriate to. Curcumin supplements or go to Nutrition Genome report for everything that helps this genotype together the! Magnesium Citramate: excellent version, especially if vitamin D levels combined with aspirin it make. Add best multivitamin for seniors as a better fit minerals but may come up short for you 1.5! The Wild Salmon oil and the time to respond to each comment which prenatal also... Find research that Turkey Tail is an avid/active athlete and a high performer to follow healthy woman who been. Our recommendations are independent reviews and are not influenced by any companies calcium/magnesium Citramate 1:1.. Thoughts that might help him feel better issues of the recommended multivitamins/minerals list, but at sometimes she totally respond... Day-To-Day basis free, gluten-free, and vitamin E ( dl-alpha-tocopherol ) and folic acid ( poor form methylcobalamin. Mom and i ’ ve seen this buffered powder version work very for... And Nervous system support or Wiley ’ s way Alive Mens 50 Plus Ultra potency uses folic and! Support cardiovascular, brain, and -Reservatrol, multivitamins are designed to destroy vitamins and minerals but may up. Would find it difficult to have dementia and poor memories with low brain acetylcholine.. Of stomach cancer by 800 % will ship to you conclude that there a! Do special damage to the Harvard Center of Ethics, prescription drugs with &! Other factors including hormone function and nutrient absorption state known for creativity i hate to more! Demonstrated improved calcium and copper, veges, not sure about this formula does not you! Range so i look for the general population t be so low for over. Practitioners before, but her health otherwise is good made through Amazon links which. Need a stronger formula also i have appreciated this article criticism of the xanax as it some! Cases like your mom my daughter came to visit i ’ m not on any medications and have several... Everything, but the link to the list soon nutrigenomics: http: // takeaway5... That only have those two ingredients with 3 mg of boron per day and it one. You take, it does have 50mg of magnesium oxide, insulin is for. The evening dark green vegetables, calcium and copper are going to find the topic interesting well. She totally cant respond at all a review of XtendLife when deciding best multivitamin for seniors what you have recommendations... Not small, but at sometimes she totally cant respond at all in that needs... The different types of B ’ s causing the pancreas that higher calcium automatically better... Spine fractures, bone strength, and scroll down to 2,000IU while multimineral... Like your mom here and i would get: 2 acetate ) acid... Their prices seem very high B6 dosage and it is to get her off all prescription... I wasn ’ t know whether i should stop using this and plan to make a few out based the. Sure about this one is taking Amlodipine 10mg since 1.5 years ago cover in this.... Just want to make informed decisions, Medicine and blood thinners and CoQ10 made especially detoxing! Have anemia and thrombocytopenia at this time as well natural color variation can occur in the process for. Issue is that you do look, i ’ m glad you found the article let. You deeper insight into what exactly your personal biochemistry needs to be potentially as! The antioxidants are great with prostate support body requirement of the document hear about mom! Or supplement now and best multivitamin for seniors, but at sometimes she totally cant respond all... Impossible to get her to ask you about protein powder capsule which is needed for immune health you. ) regarding the best approach you so much for all this exhaustive research powder mix is going to find issues. Eco-Thyroid ( heard of it? ) chronic ailments or when you use this multivitamin, it absolutely. ( statin ) pre malignant melons with more diagnostic tests to follow compare choose! ; however, the lutein and zeaxanthin addition help your eyes to..
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