The Springfield Hellcat has a trigger lever safety, but unlike the striker-fired XDs, there is no grip safety. There are 4-6 broken Hellcat strikers after just a few rounds or light dry firing- see … The Hellcat’s flat trigger body and nickel boron-coated trigger group provide a consistent trigger pull. The size and capacity of these guns have injected excitement into the new-firearm market by offering consumers fullsize capacity in sub-, or even smaller-than-subcompact pistol packages. “It’s a risk,” Kramer acknowledged, “but we are very excited about [the Hellcat], and we’re going to have an OSP (Optical Sight Pistol) model available at launch. The standard Hellcat is slated to wear an MSRP of $569, so the gun is going to be priced competitively at retail. To be clear, the OSP ships with a cover plate installed and does not include a red-dot optic, but the slide’s mounting surface will accept the Shield RMSc and JP Enterprises JPoint, and potentially other red-dot optics of that pattern. Trigger pull consists of a little take-up, then a low wall, followed by a fairly sudden (for a striker-fired pistol), but predictable break with just a … I much prefer the integral extension. The stoppage occurred at a rate of one or two per 100 rounds—again, during supported bench shooting—and I suspect the culprit was additional pressure applied by the supports, as well as the direction of the force as it acted on the base of the magazine. The XDs also have history, tenure and a legacy that is integral to the Springfield Armory story. Manufactured from quality steel pieces, this Powder River Precision trigger kit is assembled for the Springfield Hellcat pistol platform chambered in 9mm. 9 mm Luger—with a capacity of up to 14 rounds on board. The Hellcat version ships with the Apex Action Enhancement Trigger, Sear Spring, and Striker Spring. Are you and your carry pistol capable of making a precise 25-yd. Make no mistake, these aren’t plastic dovetail protectors as you find on some other guns, nor are they super-fine bulleye sights. For being such a small gun, it fills the hand well. Privacy Policy   •   Contact Us   •   Warnings   •   FAQs   •  © 2020 National Rifle Association of America. Besides its minimal carry profile in terms of size and weight, the controls have also been minimized, without sacrificing utility. Today’s firearm enthusiasts are obsessed with the latest concealed carry handguns and CCW innovations—it’s the only firearm category that is consistently in demand even in a relatively slow market. The trigger itself has a near-flat engagement surface and incorporates a central blade-style trigger safety that prevents it from being fully depressed if not deactivated by deliberate finger pressure. Powder River Precision Springfield Hellcat Trigger Kit. It’s equipped with the latest technology, and its design meets my needs as an armed citizen. The Hellcat weighs only nine and one-half ounces with an empty magazine in place. Frame components include the trigger assembly, steel locking block insert and sear housing assembly, and the various controls—disassembly lever, slide stop and magazine release—there is no grip-, thumb- or other manual safety. Consumers are equally on fire for anything red-dot-ready. It’s small and light enough to carry and keep on me—always—and it’s potent enough to save my life if necessary. Red-dot optics are easy to see and intuitive to use, they reduce the number of sights and focal planes a shooter needs to manage, and they facilitate better accuracy at longer ranges thanks to the fine aiming point provided by their reticles. Please review and accept our Pre-Order Policy. Tiny guns sometimes do weird things when shot from the bench—I’ve seen it before in other trustworthy platforms. Results from the bench were equally impressive. Apex Starting at just $79.95, the package includes an Apex Action Enhancement Trigger, Apex Sear Spring and Apex Striker Spring, which, when installed, significantly improves the feel of the trigger pull while reducing trigger travel and pull … The machined internal channels for both the striker and extractor assemblies can be accessed by removing the slide’s metal backplate. Even if the Hellcat was to be a radically different platform a la the XD-E—with its hammer-fired, rather than striker-fired, operation—certainly there was room for one more under the bustling XD canopy. certainly there was room for one more under the bustling XD canopy. A New DirectionSeeing the Hellcat’s polymer frame and crossed-cannons logo, you may be saying to yourself, “Oh look, American Rifleman is reviewing another Springfield XD.” You’d be wrong. Apex Tactical Springfield Hellcat Trigger For a gun meant to defend your life, the Hellcat immediately captured the imagination of conceal carry enthusiasts. Why go in a “new direction”? The Hellcat® has a flat trigger face that promotes consistent trigger engagement and positive control. Reversible Mag Release. The trigger reach is slightly reduced, and my petite girlfriend seems to appreciate it for her smaller hands. Nor is it a gun I envision keeping in the safe until I pass it on to my children. With a full carry complement—both magazines full and a round in the chamber—the armed citizen will be well supplied with 25 rounds of 9 mm—a full box or more of defensive ammunition. JHP. Grip angle of the Springfield Hellcat allows for instinctive sight alignment with the U-notch rear and front sight, which has a tritium vial and luminescent ring … The Hellcat isn’t a smooth-cycling wonder-gun that feels like an extension of my arm, possesses a feather-like trigger and is capable of bullseye precision. Ask the manhunters of the U.S. Marshals’ tactical teams; they just adopted an STI 2011 platform equipped with a Leupold DeltaPoint Pro and co-witnessing iron sights. After shooting the gun and living with it, even for a short time, I can say with confidence that I want one, and I want it yesterday. It measures just 4" tall with a flush magazine, is 6" long and weighs only 18 ozs. At this point, it’s almost passe to even report on new military or law enforcement groups going to red-dot-equipped pistols because, well, of course they are. Today, we will walk you through the elaborate process of installing an Apex Tactical Action Enhancement Trigger into a Springfield Armory Hellcat. Still not sure? The stand-off device protrudes a hair beyond the muzzle and could, in theory, prevent the slide from coming out of battery in a contact-shooting scenario. The package includes an Apex Action Enhancement Trigger. Also included in the slide is an external extractor, which is tensioned by an internal spring and pin assembly. Both the slide and barrel feature a black Melonite finish, which is a chemical treatment that improves the durability and corrosion resistance of the metal. During that travel, an extension in the trigger bar engages and deactivates the firing pin retention safety. I was glad to see Springfield decided to use the extended base pad rather than a grip-extending collar assembly—I’ve been bitten more than once when loading a magazine whose collar had shimmied down the tube and caught the meat of my support hand. At 25 yds. I found them to be fast to acquire, easy to align, and from 3 yds. I do want to report an unusual occurrence that cropped up during range testing. had shimmied down the tube and caught the meat of my support hand. See our Policies page for full details here, $12 Flat Rate Priority Mail shipping all orders, 60-day return policy + Limited lifetime warranty. On another note, this is not a catastrophic failure such as a broken striker or spring. I prefer the familiar feel of the Mod.2’s curved trigger, but the Hellcat’s flatter bang switch is touted as a feature on the SA website. Placing a preorder allows you to "get in line" and reserve your product: the quickest way to acquire an out of stock item. Sig’s little 9mm has made a big splash in the market, and it changed what concealed carry looks like. At this point the Hellcat is loaded. Ask the Army; the new M17/18 platforms are red-dot-ready thanks to a rear sight/cover plate assembly similar to those used in SIG’s X-Series guns. The Hellcat's trigger has a harder wall as the trigger bar engages the striker, and a slightly more tactile reset. In a few instances, it is possible that the magazine was pushed out of alignment, and the magazine or a round within the magazine could have activated the slide lock, inducing the stoppage. The cocking serrations are angled just slightly forward, and are made up of wide cuts separated by ridges which themselves have narrow channels down the center. The configuration is simple and effective—a big, bright, luminescent yellow dot up front paired with a white-outlined U-notch in the rear. Springfield Xd 40 4" Slide … The combination of the two from an industry icon like Springfield Armory should, if properly executed, burn the proverbial barn to the ground. It’s an interesting quote because it indicates, quite plainly, a pivot away from a staple brand within the company’s catalog, specifically the XD line of semi-automatic pistols. For one, you still get the excellent night sights as on the standard model. We’ll be the first to do that.” A red-dot-ready micro-compact with a lot of capacity in a tiny package, I agreed, was a combination worth waiting for, as it represents the blending of the two most powerful trends in today’s handgun marketplace. And, for the lefties out there, the magazine release is reversible. If the inserted magazine runs empty, the magazine’s follower will engage the internal tab of the slide lock lever, pressing it upward to lock the pistol open. The slide is then pulled all the way to the rear and released forward—the rearward movement of the slide cocks the striker, and during its return forward, the breechface engages the rear of the magazine’s top round and pushes the cartridge forward into the barrel’s chamber. Apex's engineering and design team developed the Action Enhancement Trigger as a direct drop-in replacement of the factory polymer trigger and springs of the Hellcat. Despite its size, I had absolutely no problem using the slide lock as a slide release during reloads, nor did I encounter any issues with the magazine release button which sits nearly flush with the frame but does make use of vertical serrations to enhance contact. I see the Hellcat’s frame as the culmination of everything Springfield Armory and its Croatian manufacturing partner, HS Produkt, have learned about molding polymer and handgun ergonomics—if the XD-S Mod.2 was a masterpiece, the Hellcat is their magnum opus.

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