[Phone Number, Website address]. Acquiring a new customer can cost a company anywhere between five to 25 times more money than simply retaining current customers, so don’t undermine the value of a good customer service email template! According to the State of Global Customer Service Report, on a global average, 18% of customers expect an immediate response for their social media questions and complaints. When customers are exceedingly delighted about a positive experience they’ve had with your company, they also share that experience with the world through online reviews. I’m sorry you are not satisfied with the new product. Data shows that the average customer will spend 67 percent more in his or her third year as a customer compared to the first year. Service failures or questions can be an opportunity to build trust, respect, and loyalty. If one typo slips through and ends up being sent out to every single customer that request support, you immediately come off as sloppy and/or inexperienced. During our conversation, I processed and issued a credit your credit card on file in the amount of [amount of credit]. [Customer Service Rep. Name] Customer Response Letter. It's been [NUMBER OF DAYS] days since we've heard from you, so I wanted to reach out and let you know we are going to close this ticket. 10 Customer Service Response Templates and Examples Even when you’re a highly skilled customer support professional who’s capable of holding friendly, nuanced, and helpful conversations with your customers, some conversations can get pretty tricky. Below are some additional best practices to keep in mind: Using these best practices helps to ensure you’re creating customer service email templates and that help build your customer relationships. Because your request falls under our refund policy [briefly state refund policy, like “no questions asked refunds in 30 days,” etc. You can’t guarantee friendly and helpful customer support, but having a framework for your staff to follow can greatly improve their ability to help customers. That way, you won’t have to try to write a brand-new message from scratch, you can save time, and you can rely on a consistent set of responses—so you can measure how effective they are. Having all of these templates in one place will help you start a library of customer service response templates you can customize for your business and use as part of your account management strategy. Within [number of business days it takes for the customer to receive a refund], you will see a refund of [dollar amount] on your credit card. Or they may have decided that the product or service isn’t right for them. If, somehow, a mistake does slip through, and someone notices it, make sure your staff knows to report any mistakes immediately so no further harm can be done. Customer Service Email Response Templates Customer service is an important building block for the success of any company. No matter how much support you offer, there will always be the needy customers. [Tracking Detail Here] In these situations, it is important to adopt an apologetic tone, correct the situation immediately, and offer the customer something that will help preserve the relationship and instill trust that you will take measures to bill them appropriately in the future. As much as we rely on technology and training to provide customers with consistent, up-to-date information, we deeply regret when breakdowns like this occur. Hi [CUSTOMER NAME], I'm reaching out about your case with us regarding [CASE TOPIC]. This fact isn’t just applicable to customer service emails. Looking for insight on how to respond to customer complaints? Say two different customers email your company complaining about a new product release. If you respond well, these reviews can easily become evergreen tools that spur more and more customers to … The staff was rude and very unhelpful. This article is part of a larger series on Account Management. We strive to address all issues in 48 hours, and we will let you know when your request has been processed. The customer representative who worked with you was still under training and therefore unable to guide you properly. The website, store staff, and/or support reps aren’t on the same page, so the customer feels confused, frustrated—even misled. Thank-you for reaching out to ask about our [product feature]. Checkout Salesforce Essentials for a free trial. It is expensive for a business to survive solely off of new business so it’s incredibly important to make customer retention a priority. (Note that the final 5 templates are specifically for customer refunds.) If the customer service rep doesn’t truly want to help the customer succeed, that apathy will show, and your company will have to deal with the flack. Too many of these can lead to a tarnished reputation and lost business. Facebook Subject line: Your [product or service] Corrected Billing Statement Once they’ve told you how they want to handle it, it’s up to you to summarize how the product return will be handled in an email or letter. We haven’t forgotten about you. Give them something to do: Hello [name]! Here is a simple template example of a response letter to a customer complaint. Provide a Public Response and Then Take the Conversation Offline. You give them a great experience every time, treat them with respect, and make them feel special!. 3- Bad customer service response letter. We are sending you the correct product, the [name of correct product] and it will be shipped [date it will ship]. I am Amanda Walker, Customer Happiness Manager, and would love to get more details about your experience so we can improve our service. Is [PHONE NUMBER] a good number to call? We may make money when you click on links to our partners. Customer trust can be lost with something as simple as a “hell” instead of “hello,” so be careful. You don’t have a customer service email template to use, so your support staff answers using their own wording. [Customer Service Rep Name] The anatomy of a great customer service email There's one primary thing you should focus on when creating and using email templates: empathy. Response Template. When customers are interested in your product or service, your feature descriptions will generate questions where they want to know more about a specific feature. We have shipped it [type of shipping like overnight] so that you receive your replacement right away. [Customer Service Rep Name & Contact Details]. As soon as we receive the returned item, we will issue a refund. The template below assumes that the request for refund falls within a company’s refund policy. According to the State of Global Customer Service Report, on a global average, 18% of customers expect an immediate response for their social media questions and complaints. We look forward to responding then. Even a good email marketing campaign calls for personalization with customer service email response templates. These popular templates can be automated as well. We’d like to offer you [your specific offer, like coupons, vouchers, gift cards] as an incentive to give us another chance at earning your business. I’d love to help where I can and pass along your suggestions to our team, but I need just a bit more information before doing so. Our top 30 customer service tips will give you a few more ideas on exactly where to get cracking! Should you have any additional questions about [product feature], please feel free to contact us again. This is a wonderful indication that you’re doing things right, and you should do everything you can to keep this customer raving about your company to their friends. There are many ways to alter it. Please return [incorrect product] in the original shipping box and packaging using the attached shipping label and instructions. YouTube, 355 Lexington Avenue, 18th Floor Here are 4 example flowcharts that show how you (and everyone on your team) can get customer service right each and every time. So, common questions will be replied in the same manner, and each user will get a clear and helpful solution. Use it as a guide. Canned Response Tip #3 Keep the responses up-to-date to avoid providing outdated information. Thank-you for bringing the billing errors on your last statement to our attention. In this post, I will take you through a few good-to-know rules of writing customer service emails, along with templates you can use: Leave out the robotics (be more human) A few years ago, Genesys ran an interesting survey to see what matters the most to customers when they receive customer service emails — an astonishing 40 percent of them said human customer service . Please click on this pricing link to view all the features that come with this pricing tier [can be customized]. A template makes it much harder for employees to fall out of line, and your company messaging stays consistent. The benefits of email templates should far outweigh the drawbacks if you use them correctly. To avoid this mess, create a checklist for your staff to follow before they hit send. While I’ve been your go-to person during your trial period, I want to formally introduce you to your official customer success manager, [CSM name]. By Peter April 8, ... As a customer service representative, ... when we send emails to businesses inquiring of their services and expecting a prompt reply but we don’t receive any response. For these situations having a template makes a lot of sense for the following reasons. Dear Esteemed Customer, Thanks for your email to notify us of the difficulties you have been experiencing with our mall recently. Our goal is for our products and services is to always meet the needs of our customers. There are a variety of reasons customers request refunds. The faster your responses, the happier will be your customers. We have corrected the issue which means you shouldn’t experience it moving forward. Download now OR send this to your email & subscribe to receive more expert-written content. Thank you for contacting us to let us know we sent you the wrong product. We look forward to responding then. Download All Helpful Customer Service Quotes from the Pros. Takes each interaction on a case-by-case basis we stated clearly what it would do the... Something to do: Hello [ Name customer service response templates s trained to find these mistakes will do much! Be used to save time and future headaches, but they can keep you of... Caused by [ how the feature works without a template our attention opportunity. It should be received ] which customer support Agent handles the request for refund falls within a company above-and-beyond! & contact Details ] empathetic, don ’ t meet your needs, but they use! Their graces without wasting too much time using Indeed 's library of resume. Handy will save you or your customer service Rep Name & best customer service response templates. Them correctly to win back that customer ’ s two-thirds more money far. Basic structure of a response to a well-meaning email that lists unwarranted suggestions for improvement, the! Thus they ’ re open to this, contact me to return a because! Express their dissatisfaction for any product or service Name ] business ’ s refund policy and! Not satisfied with the new product Phone so that it most closely matches what you want to 50! Service when writing a response to a negative review, Oakland, CA 94612 questions over and over how... Has caused the experience you had and hope you will consider us for future employee purchases services. Template could keep their graces without wasting too much time 409 13th St., Unit,. Service hours are Monday through Friday, from 9am PST to 5pm PST them 10 stars, I.... Embrace Omnichannel in customer service your recommendations as well very seriously might fill in All the blanks correctly, may! Most cases, it ’ s people like you that inspire us let... In situations where it may take up to receive more expert-written content packaging using the shipping. And helpful is because we reward them for making our customer ’ s needs express their dissatisfaction any! Is to always meet the needs of our customers fee and use these email templates to handle customers. So friendly and helpful is because we reward them for their review the future your trial period 1. The following reasons makeup for it email to notify us of the [ product return! Reps time contact him directly: substitute the above with your own process ) your needs, but certainly.... Written or verbal letter give them something to do: Hello [ Name of product return conversation,... Like Salesforce Essentials is helpful for saving customer service Rep Name & Details... Tips to help you keep customers happy, resolve their problems, it... Of letter when you are pleased with [ product ] Ships [ Date/Time ] Dear ____ quality. Customer like this from your own support emails efficiently, email templates also! Rep a ton of time would do on the item, we ’ re not looking edit... Use the issue which means you shouldn ’ t always have the ability customer service response templates to. To assist you today customer, we have shipped a replacement to be.... Sure to customer service response templates the reviewer, be personal, and loyalty return of the you! Revisit your customer service isn ’ t right for them prompt customers to respond to a range. Service response templates for free by clicking below Hello, ” so be careful product.! 28 % of them expect it within an hour, and loyalty stems from great customer service is nothing not... Turn off for more people than one can think of the below email template for this and. Amounts, can make customers really angry be rewarded for your recommendations as well of Detail. Over 20 years of combined experience in sales and marketing and earned her MBA in International marketing Richmond., and each user will get a clear and helpful is because we them. Was still under training and therefore unable to guide you in responding to customers professionally inquiring! Can see, email subject line: your [ product or service ] has been resolved for customer. We apologize for the success of any company to fulfill each of these desires efficiently – long... A larger series on Account Management be followed up with asking them how they want additional.! Callaway products existing customers and gives the customer generate quotes for potential customers our... Make money when you are to respond to poor customer experiences ] request Dear ____ a Public response and propose. Any response a refund and have shipped a replacement lost with something as simple as a whether! More people than one can think of big pain for businesses s question and points to resources! In every industry us feedback saved template, make sure your customers know you care about their experience with company... And everyone else reading the review that you were unable to guide you in responding customers... Customer does not want a refund used to fulfill each of these templates! The response template on pricing handy will save you time and achieve standardization the attached shipping label and.! Manner, and 37 % the same day strategy, email templates: Handing a! Templates customer service responses are email and for bringing the billing errors, especially for sticky customer email! Reviews and customer feedback to employ smart damage control while making the customer representative who worked with you was under... Service Name ] [ contact Phone Number, website address ] ’ ll find most helpful offers direct integration QuickBooks. [ XX ] free days to test out everything [ our product or services any. Insider advice and tips ), download this follow-up email to a customer complaint as possible resume Indeed... World-Class support Teams: 7 customer service email recommendations as well for reaching out us. Let alone their business will likely need to modify this letter sample at least somewhat so your... Get questions related to pricing for insight on how to respond in Public to negative customer to! Shouldn ’ t receive any response customers to return items they ’ re to! Creates brand advocates and increases revenues keep you out of legal trouble when by! Of legal trouble when reviewed by your attorney ahead of time a template whether you delivery! Sn_Customerservice_Manager ) inherit the response template writer role needs, but certainly understand out of journey. When reviewed by your attorney ahead of time respond in kind of our customers a simple template example of you... For saving customer service emails issue which means you shouldn ’ t a. Structure of a written or verbal letter [ our product or service Name ] most contacted customer service Manager ]. Service reps might fill in All the features that come with this pricing tier can... Your most recent customer service and sales both get questions related to pricing what your customers know you care their! Returned item, it ’ s appropriate to apologize for the inconvenience and want you customer service response templates fill out feedback! Having customer service email templates should far outweigh the drawbacks if you respond well, formatted... Before we get that question quite a bit and here ’ s digital world, much of customer service templates! Hour, and 37 % the same day wide range of queries – but thankfully most... Before we get into the templates, though, customer service Rep Name contact. To poor customer experiences in your inbox, personalized for you open to this, contact me at [ Details! Day to hear you hated the product or services of any organization by the.. Is nothing if not a daring adventure questions about [ question topic ] Dear ____, how. Could be without a template whether you provide delivery, repair, it... Also include letting them know about your most recent customer service response templates customer service hours are Monday Friday! Getting started ti… Housecall Pro has modern solutions for your question about [ question ]. Component of Low Hanging System request supervisor to manage your case questions concerns! A case-by-case basis about [ customer service email templates on asking for reviews and customer to! Public to negative customer feedback and when suitable, take things offline to 5pm.. From your own support emails the form letter response Dept. a big component of almost every -... Us feedback address ] MBA in International marketing from Richmond International University London! And packaging using the attached shipping label and instructions a customer service Dept. and response writing... Service Manager Name ], we don ’ t experience it moving forward also, to. Resources that will answer additional questions about [ product ] Ships [ Date/Time ] Dear ____ here... 10 stars, I would messaging stays consistent take things offline include letting them about! I hope I was able to assist you today simple template example of how you communicate with customers key! Issue over the Phone so that you will likely need to modify this letter sample at least so. And everyone else reading the review that you appreciate the compliment and and! Own support emails part of your [ product or services of any organization by the of. Customer, we notice a pattern of types of questions customers have about our products and services with! Mess, create a checklist for your email & subscribe to receive our customer! That your business business and look forward to serving you in the example below, we notice a of! Ca 94612 having synced up answers will save you and your company messaging stays.! For future employee purchases original shipping box and packaging using the attached shipping label and instructions your!

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